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Oliver Pifferi

IT-and Multimedia-Addict. Adores Soccer and the UK. Loves Travelling and Photography. Maverick. Lovely Cynic.

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Oliver Pifferi



It’s all about pictures. And travelling.

Both are passions of mine and both come hand in hand with each other. Whenever there is a chance for a short trip or a longer travel, there is also a chance for keeping something very special, pulling the every essence out of every single moment.


The Way to find new Ideas.

While visiting other places and countries, I always try to absorb the local spirits of the specific environments: Spirits of the country, spirit of ancient ruins, spirits from sceneries and the elements. Putting all these elements together in your mind is to put them into a specific shape which keeps this spirit, turning it into a special kind of remembrance.


Looking into the Past.

This remembrance, residing in your own mind, is being supported by a digital equivalent framed in bits and bytes: A photo. Once something that had to be shot on analogue cameras, developed in a darkroom (which I used to to when I was 16 and had a photo course at school!) and – finally – judged as it came to sharpness, contrast. Finally, the final cut was inevitable so that the scenery on the photo was put straight in the middle of the observer’s eye. Looking back, it were great times…


What I am. And what I am not.

As I am no pro (and probably will never be), all these photos are taking with standard equipment: My Nikon D5300 with different hardware, a tripod and – for shoots from the hip – an iPhone X. In first instance, these are just some personal pics. Seeing the other side, a new view comes up.


Converting it into something Special.

Together with the story behind it and some decent make-up, these pictures become unique witnesses of the traces of my life – and probably yours, too! After editing them, they get their final shape and advance into a specific type of digital art – at least when being viewed from my perspective.


Get in Touch - if you want!

So after all – feel free to browse through the pictures here and their siblings on my Instagram-page. Feel free to follow me there, comment the pictures and leave your toughts and hey – maybe you even want to comment here, follow the blog-posts and even bookmark this page?


Each Picture is unique.

By all means: Have fun and never forget that each picture and each photographer are unique. There is no duplicate picture of the same scenery, even if you shoot it twice. Ingredients of your soul, your eye and your point of view make each photo special – that what it is all about!

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