Apart from my usual hobbies and the whole IT-stuff, I am also quite fond of movies and series. Usually, two sectors in this genre can just fail: Sequels to legendary movies or the cinematization of video games. This week two candidates popped up and yet yielded hope for a cineastic eye candy both in the cinema and on Netflix.

Top Gun: Maverick will be the 2020 sequel of 1986's famous and legendary movie starring Tom Cruise as "Maverick" in Navy's prestigious fighter weapons school. Surely the original movie did rise the applications and many people told that Navy invested a nice amount of their advertizing budget in this movie. Keeping this in perspective, adding the 80's soundtrack (never forget the "Danger Zone"!) together with the general attitude and your own childhood can just turn "Top Gun: Maverick" into an unwanted, unnecessary sequel.

It may stand out to be a good movie, but with the burden of the glorious 1986-movie it will be difficult to raise the bar even further. Anyway, seeing Tom Cruise starring "Maverick" once again after all this years will be a nice thing - hope the impressions will last but the first trailer let's hope for something better than a standard popcorn-movie:

Second (and turning to the home TV again), Netflix is coming with a long-expected series that is not only the screen adaption of a video game, but also the vizualization of the famous books of author Andrzej Sapkowski. Starring "Superman" Henry Cavill as "The Witcher" Geralt of Riva in a surprisingly perfect manner, fans of the books and the game can be sure to get their money's worth. People who liked the game-trilogy so far will feel their secret wishes turning to reality in this series.

While "The Witcher"is still being scheduled for airing this year, "Top Gun: Maverick" will hit the cinemas in 2020. By all means the first eight episodes of the first "The Witcher"-season show that Netflix has obviously managed to put the proper actors in action: Freya Allan starring as Ciri and Anya Chalotra being Yennefer look great in this teaser, so showrunner Lauren Smith Hissrich seem to pull the strings very, very proper.