Wrong Direction

Wrong Direction

It didn’t need the great song entitled “Wrong Direction” from Amorphis’ 2018 “Queen of Time”-album to sum many different situations up in one wording.

There could be too much to say but we’re indeed heading into a wrong direction, in whatsoever way: Life, Politics, Work, Daily Business, Togetherness - everything seem to have lost its steering compass within the last two years.

I should have understood

I should have seen it coming

The signs on the road had changed

The fires on the mountain died

I felt ascending but I really sunk

Everything had turned upside down

As I was struggling to the mountain peak

I had dug into the grave of all hope

Things have to change - yet again - in 2022. There’s hope for a re-start in many, many ways but this was the hope of 2021, too. Many aspects of today prevent us from living our lives the way we want them to be lived. To get rid of those aspects, listening to beloved ones and people who really care and know what they are talking about should be something that needs to be focused in the next year!

Time to despose of the hot-air artists around us and steer into the right direction… in 2022, hopefully!

I did not follow the bear-star

I shun advice of my brothers

I did not study the signs of the heavens

I silenced the words of my sisters

Wrong Direction
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Wrong Direction