This blog is entirely staffed by (currently) a single person who is passionate about Technology and many other topics.

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the Tech-sector and the world at any given time. If you could tell me a little bit about what’s going on, that helps me keep track of the story and helps to develop new thoughts, ideas and... of course... stories!

Generally speaking, a tip is a juicy bit of information about something happening on the network. Some examples:

  • A new platform just added a huge new feature that changes how it’s used!
  • Somebody’s working to solve a really hard problem and made important progress other should know of!
  • This or that community over here or there is doing a cool thing!
  • Somebody is just forking another great application that should be tracked
  • This company over here is implementing ActivityPub to join, for example, the Fediverse!
  • This particular community drama highlights an important social issue which should be covered!
  • These events in our everyday's life just need some coverage as they are probably connected to the Tech-sector

Of course you don't need to but just in case you're willing to share some thoughts with me, give me some comments or criticism on my posts or simply want to send me some lines, this form is a possible way of doing so.

Feel free to fill each field with the necessary information and hit the "Send Message"-button to send the virtual carrier pigeon on its way - I'll try to answer ASAP!